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Current openings

Sr. Financial Analyst (NYC)

Analyze financial statements & credit data of merchants to determine the risk in extending credit or lending money related financial activities. Prepare financial analysis reports for high level financial leasing decision-making. Gather & analyze financial data to determine expected profitability. Create models to guide & evaluate customers’ financial status to recommend their payment plans.

Req: MA/ equiv. in Business Administration, Finance or Management. Advanced knowledge in corporate finance, financial data analysis/reporting & statistical methods. Proficiency in MS Excel, Access & MS project.

Send resume to:?HR@www.39zaowen.icu

Appointment Setter / Telemarketer?(NYC)

Secure a meeting for a field rep by building initial rapport with a prospect and compelling him to want to know more. He/She will initiate contact with local business owners and schedule a free no obligation consultation for our executive staff.?Qualify business owners ?through a variety of questions about their business.?Explain the services offered by Argus. Gather the necessary documents such as merchant services statements for evaluation and follow up.

Req: 3+ years in the merchant services industry.?Consistent track history of over-achievement?with strong interpersonal and communication skills.?Must be self-motivated, able to achieve goals by being persuasive and determined.

Send resume to:?HR@www.39zaowen.icu